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James Boswell: The Life of Samuel Johnson

Boswell’s Life of Johnson

Samuel Johnson — hat eine Alexander Pope-Biographie verfaßt.

Waxwings Family Bombycillidae

Cedar Waxwing

Waxwings are Wild

Pheasant Tracks

Ursa Major – Der Grosse Bär, auch The Big Dipper genannt.

Index Card – this of course is a joke.

Lemniskate – bitte Java-Script aktivieren.

Essay on Man – (1733-34) by Alexander Pope (21.05.1688, London – 30.05.1744, Twickenham).

Flemish hell with porcupines (line 226) – by Hieronymus Bosch

Pale Fire cover Art

Critical works online for Pale Fire — from Zembla.

A Bibliography of Criticism — from Zembla. By Dieter E. Zimmer with additions by Jeff Edmunds.

Shade and Shape in Pale Fire — by Brian Boyd.

Which is to be master in Pale Fire — by Maurice Couturier, Zembla, April 1998.

A Delineation of Botkin’s Role in Pale Fire, & His Fate Beyond — by Josh Kaplan.

Genius and Plausibility: Suspension of Disbelief in Pale Fire — by J. Morris.

In an Elaborate Spoof, Nabokov Takes Us to the Never-Never Land of Zembla — by George Cloyne, New York Times, Sunday, May 27, 1962.

Pale Fire: Nabokov’s Poetic Clue — “The bolagram is a definition of poetry as a means of “de-spelling” polar oppositions through the power of reversal and negation. The window pane kills the waxwing but sets in motion a series of fictive possibilties. Nabokov indicates his awareness of the “ij” wave function by expressly addressing the reversal of inside and outside as instances of possible poetic coincidence.” From: Boundaryspeak — Study through Examples.

Pale Fire — from Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia.

Index Biographie Werke Literatur Pale Fire Pale Fire II Nabokov-Links

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